Just recently got a Touch (32GB) and was one of the lucky few to have success Jailbreaking it with Ziphone. Haven't had any issues until I tried to add a location to the Weather App. The keyboard comes up, lets me hit one button and then everything freezes. Stocks gives me the same results. In Notepad, I can finish typing but when I hit done it freezes again. Here what I've got installed. I'm thinking maybe it's a bug from one of the programs I installed.

Installer App 3.01
BSD Subsystem 2.1
Open SSH 4.6p1-2
Summerboard 3.2
Accelerometer Log 1.1
BossTool .35
SysInfo 1.0b

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm not that tech savvy, so fairly understandable instructions definitely appreciated.