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Thread: Stupid question about iPwner

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    Default Stupid question about iPwner
    If I'm an AT&T customer who simply wants to jailbreak my iPhone... what do I do? It seems that every guide assumes you want to unlock, change bootloader, modify everything... etc.

    I just want an easy jailbreak option for the future.

    Thanks to anyone who helps.

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    please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken, anyone who knows better, since obviously i'd like to be using the best methods possible. That being said, I am in the same boat as you with only needing j/b since i am an att customer. I am a glutton for punishment and typically am of the first group of people to try a new tool when first released. The recent release of pwnage tool was no exception.

    why fix it if it ain't broke? because i had some spare time yesterday coupled with the fact that the iphone is just my alternate cell phone that i seldom use to actually communicate with...for that i use my reliable verizon phone. i jumped n and pwnd my perfectly configured 1.1.4 setup and wound up running into the "no service" because i prematurely activated by leaving the preference checked when building my ipfw in the GUI provided. The main reason i was eager to try the pwnage tool was for the retro colored apple logo on boot (i know, petty aesthetic alteration), except i learned it was not provided wth that download for copyright reasons i think.

    Anyhow, sorry for my wordy preamble to my answer, but the point of all this is that I ultimately ended up full restoring my iphone back to default firmwre 1.1.4 and then using one of either ZiPhone 3 or iLiberty+, which have at least up to date, have been tested and have proven more reliable to many people -- especially when it comes to the most trivial tasks as is j/b ONLY and no necessity for unlock or any of the fancier options available to those who actually need those features. Stick with what is known to work for least until enough time has elapsed to work out any of the inevitable kinks in any of the new releases. This applies to many facets of the computer industry and even can be extended to many situations in life.

    thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post here.
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and lastly, if anyone hppens to know where to obtain the "logo.img2" file that contains the 89001 encrypted image of the retro apple for the pwnage installed boot image, please PM me with the link. I would appreciate it veryy much.

    take care, all!


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    This is the iPod Touch forum...
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    Red face same applies regardless...
    it has been duly noted that this is, in fact, the ipod touch forum. my apologies, but on a good note, for all practical purposes one can safely substitute iphone for ipod touch as far as the info i posted above is concerned. thanks for bringing that to my attention, though.

    have a good day.

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    The iPhone/Touch is very easy to jailbreak with this tutorial from iClarified...

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