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Thread: BSD Subsystem 2.1 (EVERY BODY LOOK HERE)

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    Default BSD Subsystem 2.1 (EVERY BODY LOOK HERE)
    If everybody could help me. First what is the BSD Subsystem 2.1 used for. and also after I installed This App None of my movies/music/music video's will not play. I get an error that say "This Movie Could Not Be Played" and for the music it just wont play, even if i press "The Play button"
    Please anybody and everybody I need serious help. (I have 8Gb 1.1.4 Firmware iPod Touch) I need this Fix!!!!Please HELP!!!!

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    OMG, dude, you don't have to post three threads about the same thing, it just gets annoying. It doesn't matter if you're trying to get people's attention, just post one thread, people here will help you if they want to...
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    bro i aint trynna b rude n **** but do i giive a fuk....*thinks* NO...

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    wow... u aint gonna get any help by making 3 threads and cussing people out. I will say though that BSD subsystem has something to do with instaler and SSHing into ur touch

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    i would restore in itunes and start from scratch. You need a BSD subsystem for a lot of apps so I recommend you install Cydia instead. It has a better bsd subsystem packaged with it.
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    Y Dont You Just Restore I Dont Know What Every Body'S So Worried About Especially If You Have An Itouch
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    It is Unix tools for the iPod.

    Lets a whole bunch of apps run and be installed.
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    Well this guy is a total jerk, however... I am experiencing the same problem and if you guys wouldn't mind giving me some insight as to why this might be happening I would appreciate it.

    1.1.4 Pwnage 1.0
    BSD 2.1
    SUID Lib Fix
    Customize 2.0
    few other apps
    Also did the fix to get cookies to save login instances (forgot the terminal line)

    Anyway, can only use speakerphone.. music wont play at all. I'm going to go home and restore over my lunch break, but I'm afraid when I reload all the things I use it will just happen again. Thoughts?

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    Quick Everyone Stop And Help Some Random Guy No Matter What You Are Doing Because He Is Being A Complete **** And We Should Respond With [email protected]

    I like.

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    Gannon145, I've had that issue twice now. It gets VERY annoying. Just make sure that you back up everything that you wanna keep, and then restore. So far that's the only fix for it that I've found.
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    YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESTORE WITH THIS PROBLEM! I have occasionally had this problem with my iphone - Music and videos refuse to play. All you need to do is reset all settings in the Settings/General/Reset Menu. Hope this helps! Works for me anyway...

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    What a wasted of click

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