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Thread: brushed touch

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    Default brushed touch
    Just as everyone else is, i have constantly had to deal with the misfortune of my ipod possessing the dreaded uber mirror back that scratches when you look at it. In about a week, having never put my touch down on anything but a microfiber cloth (even in my pocket) i still had tons of scratches.

    Now any of us who got the touch as soon as it was out knew there weren't any cases available yet (except the invisibleshield, !review coming soon!). So the following pictures were my solution.

    That center big apple is the apple sticker that came with the ipod (which i should have at least put that on, on day one. (note to anyone who just bought one, at the very least put some clear tape on the back for now if you ever really want to have that perfect shine, and buy and invisibleshield)
    My plan is to remove that sticker (under which is scratched but still shiny) and then put the invisible shield over it.

    What do you guys think of it, give me your opinions!

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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    that looks awesome

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    it doesn't look like the logo
    the leaf is supposed to be free floating
    thet my graphic design opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by sookie626 View Post
    it doesn't look like the logo
    the leaf is supposed to be free floating
    thet my graphic design opinion
    I thought the same thing, but i wanted to have perfect curves so i didn't cut it to match. If you look at the stickers that came with the ipod, the white part in the middle is correct, but that white stuff comes off during the brushing (sadly). It's also slightly off center.

    If you put the sticker on your ipod (while shiny) it actually has a cool effect on the clear part of the sticker (it looks sparkly instead of mirror-y) but it was just an experiment.

    If i really really wanted to i could probably get it back to perfect shine with some heavy duty industrial buffing.

    I'll upload a pic of it without the sticker (since i took it off.) later today

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    looks great - how did you get the brushed effect exactly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco Loco View Post
    looks great - how did you get the brushed effect exactly?
    I used a fresh kitchen sponge (the ruff side) just go in one direction back and forth for a little while.

    The longer you do it, the more likely you are to rub off the writing on the ipod. use either tape or stickers to mask off areas you don't want to be brushed.
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    neat idea! i'll give u props to that.

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    Good Job ! God Cool!

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    Also done this, i removed the laser engraving from the owner before.

    Looks really great, thanks for this idea.

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    It's so nice... I wish I Could do this with my iPhone. Sadly, it's only possible with the border on the screen, and the little logo on the back.

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    Hey, I know I may be a blasphemer for covering up the beauty that is the iPod, but I bought a decal for mine. If you want to check it out the website is I think the skins are like $7 and they give you a code for a matching wallpaper too. idk, I've used tem for every single iPod I've owned so far... 4 to be exact. I'd upload a pic, but I'm not able to do that at work.

    Proud to be an Apple user since 1990... at the age of 4.

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