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Thread: Music Suddenly Stops in Safari

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    Default Music Suddenly Stops in Safari
    Hi everyone,

    I searched around a bit, but I did not find anyone else describing my problem. Basically, whilst surfing the web, the music playback will suddenly stop, from time to time. When I bring up the dashboard-style controls, the purported bug has not simply paused the music, but stopped it, thus I must hide Safari, enter the iPod library, and find the song I was playing.

    Does anyone else suffer from this?

    I would assume this is a result of overloading the processor, but I am not sure.



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    I have had the same problem but I have no idea why. It is very annoying.

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    Happens to me on iPhone, I'm fairly sure its a software problem seeing as when it happens to me I'm zooming/moving around my page, lags for a second or 2 then cuts the music.

    VERY annoying as OP said, you can't just click play on the inline headphones u have to exit safari and open the ipod and start all over again.

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    its a bug

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    Def. just a bug.. I am sure apple is just taking their precious time to find a fix..

    But I have the same problem if it comforts you in anyway.. so you know it isnt only you few people xDD

    Oh.. I thought this was an iPhone forum.. well.. it happens on the iPhone.. so it must just be both products..

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonejeff View Post
    its a bug
    does this affect all firmwares/phones or is it random? i never had the bug, but i sold my phone to someone and they're complaining about it.. just wasn't sure if it was the upgrade to 1.1.1 that had something to do with it, cause i was using 1.0.2 before i sold it...

    any wisdom?

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