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Thread: Y-Y-YouTube Yo!

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    Default Y-Y-YouTube Yo!
    My YouTube app that comes with the iTouch quit working. I have tried everything to fix it, even restoring, but nothing works... SO!

    is there a URL to the iTouch version of YouTube?


    P.S. Nobody post please...

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    1. Open installer and install BSD SubSystem, and OpenSSH NOTHING ELSE.

    2. Restart the phone and connect to the phone via winscp or whatever program you like that lets you browse the file system.

    3. navigate to /var/root/library/lockdown and copy the following files to your computer(for backup purposes)

    4. replace the old files with the 3 files you can download from this link:

    5: restart iphone.

    6: after restart, go to the activation_records folder copy everything in there to your computer. then delete everything in the folder from your phone.

    7: restart the phone again

    8: connect to itunes and your phone should be re-activated automatically with youtube working!

    NOTE:dont delete anything from the activation_records folder untill AFTER you restart the phone in step 5.

    if you find you arent getting service, simply put the original files you copied back + restart your phone and try again.

    THE KEY IS DELETING THE ACTIVATION FILE IN THE FOLDER! It worked for my iPhone. Might work for you touch..

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    THe ipod touch doesn't have an activation file because u don't activate it with a carrier one question for u is ur touch jailbroken
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    There is a thread with backups on it's blocked for me now.

    Also have you installed the youtube fix?
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    Hey there. I actually have an iTouch as well and i recently came across an app you should try. Its called NewTube. It has worked pretty well for me so far. You should try it out!

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