I have a white Itouch 4th Gen 32gb.
I jailbroke it in January with p0sixspwn the IOS 6.1.4 untethered jailbreak.
I put a passcode back then but I can't remember it. I stopped using it because the battery was being crazy (it'd go from 57% to 10% to 90%) so I gave up on it
But today my dad told me he wanted to use it. So we tried many passcodes and I couldn't remember so now it's disabled. I tried to connect it to ITunes but neither of my computers will recognize it. It says that the device has malfunctioned or that it can't be recognized.
Is there anyway I can at least unlock it or restore it? At least restore so that I can take it to apple or something.

And no I didn't steal the Itouch. Its serial number is still there from the time I connected it to ITunes before I jailbroke it.
This is what I get for putting a passcode OTL