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Thread: lost memory on ipiod touch 4g

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    Default lost memory on ipiod touch 4g
    Okay, i have a veeerrrry maddening issue with my device. I am using an ipod touch 4g with ios 4.3.1 unlocked with redsnow.
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    Hahahahaha this is epic btw an iPod can't be unlocked fyi

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    Oh **** my bad, left out the entire rest of this post without checking!
    Okay, i have 2 a veeerrrry maddening issues with my device, one leading right into the other. I am using an 8 gig ipod touch 4g with ios 4.3.1 unlocked with redsnow. I apologize in advance if this is a topic that has been already explored, its just i can really use some help with this problem. First problem is that it seems that your itouch will lose bits of memory after failed syncs. I was using media monkey to try and sync 6.4 gigs of songs to my device, when after a few minutes it said that it would'nt be able t fit all of the songs onto the device, and halted the sync. After i deleted all of the songs of of my device to start a fresh sync, i see that i am missing about 0.4 gigs lost to 'other', according to itunes. Thought nothing of it at that time. Now i am trying to use itunes to sync a pretty large game app called infinity blade, which itunes says is 923.1mb, despite it being 577mb on my computer (strange). Itunes says that it is too large to sync and stops the process. when i check the memory bar, another 0.16 is now lost to 'other'. I now go and remove up to 2 gigs of music off of my idevice, amd my it still tells my that i do not have enough disk space, telling me to go delete photos and videos (which i have none of). And the memory bar is also telling me that i have 0.39 gigs of space free, which is bullcrap; i know i have at least 2 gigs free on my itouch. I have installed open ssh and winscp, and thought that i would have to go into some sub-folder somewhere and delete some residual memory from the failed syncs or something.
    Anybody have any idea with this? Realllly dont want to restore my phone.

    and yeah i keep getting unlocked and jailbreak mixed up, you know what i mean lol
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