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Thread: I need help with a .bat file please.

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    Default I need help with a .bat file please.
    Okay, I need help. Im trying to make a file that upon connecting my iphone to my computer, will automatically backup important data, like notes. Then if I want to I can restore.

    The .bat file text without the quotes:

    "@echo off
    echo iPhone/iPod Touch Backup
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/Notes .

    Now, how it is spelled out right now it does do what it is supposed to do, which is copy the directories specified to the root folder of the .bat file. To add more folders you want to backup you just add a new line, but the problem is that for every folder I backup I have to re-enter the password before it backs it up.

    Can someone help me find a way to re-write this so I only have to enter the password one time?

    If possible, I would like to not even enter the password or ip address at all.

    Im going to set it so that everytime itunes opens, this runs. (Because the only time I use iTunes is when I sync my iPhone)

    I made another .bat file that will take place of my iTunes shortcut on my desktop:

    @echo off
    cd /d "CProgram Files (x86)\iTunes\"
    start iTunes.exe
    @echo off
    echo iPhone/iPod Touch Backup
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/Notes .
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook .
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/Installer .
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/SMS .
    pscp.exe -r [email protected]:/private/var/mobile/Library/WebClips .

    This will open both iTunes and the original .bat file at the same time, so my podcasts, calendar, contacts, and bookmarks will sync with iTunes, and anything I write in the .bat file will backup in to a folder on my computer for example Notes, the picture roll, cache, Hell maybe even the applications folder, just in case one day you have to completely restart the iphone or ipod touch

    So far this is looking like a pretty good alternative to syncing your Notes, and restore them in case you need them later, and its FREE.

    Now, can someone please help me to remove the part where it asks me for the password. If I can remove that, then this will be finished, and I can seamlessly backup my iphone and also Notes.
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