I have an iPod Touch 4G.

Since my cellphone is always with me, and it has wireless router capability, I was wondering if I could basically slave over it's Cellular Data and GPS connection to my iPod using WiFi and Bluetooth respectively.

I know that the 3G over WiFi shouldn't be a problem, and I also know that some devices can accept an external blue-tooth based GPS transceiver instead of an internal one (although I will need to find an app for my phone that does this) but I don't know if the iPod allows for external GPS devices to be connected to it or not, does it?

I know this won't let me place calls but, well, that's what my cellphone is for, I just want to be able to use my iPod without a WiFi hotspot and to be able to use GPS apps (mainly augmented reality apps) on it.

And I know someone is going to ask "Why not just get an iPhone?", the reason is that I hate ATT and am currently planning to switch once my contract ends, and I prefer Android based phones. Besides, I mainly got my iPod for it's app library and this way I will have access to both the iOS and Android app libraries.