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Thread: iPod touch 4g 64gb running slow PLZ Help!

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    Default iPod touch 4g 64gb running slow PLZ Help!
    I got the iPod touch 4g 64gb and it's running very slow... It's got 158mb available memory and 434mb in the storage memory(sbsettings).. I restored and set it up as a new ipod and didn't put anything on it but sbsettings and it's still slow. I've seen people with 350mb available memory on there 64gb iDevice is there a tweak or hack or is this ipod just defected. I know there is something wrong because the available memory goes up with the 8gb, 32gb and 64gb models... Plz help with this I really don't want to send this back for replacement for the is my 3rd replacement...
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    I don't think there's a difference in RAM in the 8, 32, and 64gb models. They should all run at the same speed, the flash memory won't make a difference. How exactly is it slow? Slow in certain apps? Slow at the springboard?

    Also, the 4th gen iPod has 256mb RAM so it can't have 350mb available, unless it's an iPhone 4 or u got it mixed up with storage memory?

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    It lags severely when I open anything even settings and when I open settings it drops down to like 60mb available.. I've seen the plist vm tweak but is there a way to use the storage memory in the available memory?

    My 3rd gen runs faster than this 4th gen so I don't know what the problem is I know it lags way more than my 3rd gen 32gb...
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    I don't recommend messing with the storage to get more RAM, it'll just damage it in the long run, is it slow before the jailbreak? It could be something to do with limera1n..

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    It's slow before the jailbreak but as you said that iphone has 350mb available so I guess I just expected the 64gb to have 300 on average being that my 3g 32gb has the same available as my 4g 64gb but thanks for clearing that up Waleed786

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