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Thread: Force iPod Touch Internal Speakers

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    Default [How to] Force iPod Touch Internal Speakers
    I haven't seen this once on any forum... but I found a way to force internal speakers to function with Apps, Music, etc.. etc on the iPod Touch Generation(Not knowledgeable enough to know)that has internal speaker functions but is only supported for Alarms, Skype,etc. Unfortunately, this does require jailbreak but is not entirely complicated if you know the process of SSH.

    To start off, this tweak will consist of a combination of using the ''Backgrounder App'', SSH Folder ''Ringtones(or Alarms)'' and an online voice recorder. It seems complicated but it takes 5 minutes to create and 2 seconds to engage.


    First of all you must have your iPod Touch jailbroken, I've used Ra1n to JB mine, if you don't know how to jailbreak simply google it or search the forum, there are a number of ways to Jailbreak an ipod and all can be at your disposal. Next you'll want to install the Backgrounder app in Cydia which can be done by going to Cydia's sources and searching Backgrounder, tap install then confirm. Next is enabling SSH on your iPod Touch and the software on your computer to access the files. here's a link that gives step-by-step instructions on how to enable SSH and use it (No I didn't make the video.. all credit goes to whoever did )YouTube - How to SSH in to an iPod Touch ||

    Once you've learned the process of SSH (WinSCP, Open SSH) Now you'll need to know exactly what folder you'll be using for this trick. On the section labeled ''/'' goto ''Var'' then click ''Stash''. next you'll see folders like Application.jNLfb4(or whatever yours shows) There will be a folder named ''Ringtones.xdcjUP'' Enter that folder and you'll notice the names of all the alarm tones you have posted as an ''.m4r'' file which is fancy terms for a Ringtone file. This is the folder you will need. Now that you've learned the folder AND installed the Backgrounder app, now you'll need an online voice recorder. Google for one and set it up to record but don't record sounds, just silence and make it about 5 minutes long(more then enough time to access backgrounder and then your Game/Music of choise.) Once it's reached the 5 minute mark stop the recording and save the file. Find the file and rename it to something to help you remember why the tone is there, I've renamed mine ''Silence1''. Open iTunes(Does not require iPod hook-up)Simply open the program and drag the recording into the library, after that's done right click the file and select ''Create ACC version'' this is reforming the tone to be Ringtone compatible. Once this is finished the tone will be renamed to -name of your recording-.m4a | Open WinSCP(or whatever SSH tool you've decided to use) Access your iPod Touch files and go back to the Ringtone Folder, drag the recording to the folder and wait for it to finish copying. You'll notice that your file is .m4a, but the Default tones are .m4r, simply rename the extension to .m4r. Exit SSH and goto the alarms to see if it's worked. You should hear the recording playing but no sound(obviously since you've recorded silence) At this point you've succeeded.. the final step is while the tone is playing, hold the home button down until you see the words ''backgrounding Enabled'' This means the app will continue to run even though you close the app. Close the app(Note you can still hear the recording) have the internal speakers all the way up and enter an App or music file of your choise, you'll hear the sounds from the game or music!

    Setbacks and things to remember: Not ALL apps are able to be ran like this, apps that i personally know work because I play them are: C&C Red Alert, Tradewinds 2, iGun, Monopoly, Pac-man, and any piano-based apps. This trick will NOT work with youtube, videos of any kind. The most important rule about the trick is the trick will only work as long as your playing the App, do NOT touch the volume buttons while playing or it will be disabled, the Speakers will remain enabled as long as the game is on, even after the recording finishes it'll still work. When you exit the game and want to use the speakers for another matter thats compatible, simply play the recording again. (: I really hope this helps someone.. I was pretty suprised when I found this out Lol.
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