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Thread: iPod Touch HELP!

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    Default iPod Touch HELP!

    Well firstly, I want to thank you guys for looking at this post.

    Now, what happened was that my 8 year old cousin decided to throw my iPod Touch 1G (jailbroken) around (explanation: he's 8 years old) and now my home button is sort of inside the ipod, i mean like it's stuck inside, indented, sort of. You cannot press down the home button, so to exit applications i have to go to SBSettings, and then terminate the process. How do I fix that?

    Secondly, Dell didn't install Windows correctly on my computer, so when I take my computer off sleep mode a lot of weird things tend to happen (dont worry about that problem, im already working on it), and so what happened was that when I plugged in my iPod, it's telling me to restore it off a backup, though my iPod is fully functional (except for the home button, of course). Now my question to you guys is, if I were to restore it off a my latest backup, will it un-jailbreak my ipod, make me lose all my music etc. etc. etc.?

    Thanks in advanced.

    PS: Screenshot of iTunes' message is posted as well, in case you have any questions. And I know I didn't really explain how the iPod Touch's home button is very well, so i mean like, it looks exactly the way its suppose to, but its impossible to click down. Hope that makes it a little more clearer. :/
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Kids, can't live with them.. can't live without them. Lol buddy it seems you have all sorts of problems going on eh?? I don't know anyway to help except for reinstall windows yourself and keep your iTouch someplace safe at all times. Good luck tho, hope things work out

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    Hey, thanks, I'm already sending my computer back to the company tomorrow, but the damage is already done haha, I'm thinking of restoring my computers but it's gonna be a pain in the crack to put back all the songs in, re-jailbreak, and then put all the stuff back in. I appreciate the response by the way. Thanks

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