I need some help on a problem i am having with my 2nd Gen IPod Touch. ill give you the best description i can of the problem and hopefully someone can give me some advice that can lead to a solution. Here we go, I recently downloaded some updates on cydia then I was prompted too restart springboard. I tried. It was stuck on the black screen with the white progress wheel thing in the center. Then after I fidgeted with some buttons (I don't know whether it had an effect) my IPod went to the reboot logo. it has been stuck there ever since. but it doesn't stay there. It will seemingly re- restart by flashing white then black then the boot logo returns. Now it has the progress wheel in the middle. Every once in awhile it will make it to the lock screen, I only know this because the sound chimes. But the screen stays the same. The same effect (Things working but the screen stay frozen, or with the wheel moving) happens when I do some other things, sync to the computer, SSHing still works but the screen still remains frozen. I would appreciate any help you can give me. If you need me to supply you with any additional information ill give you anything I can as long as it helps me solve this. I'd prefer not having to restore my IPod so let's consider that a last resort solution. So thanks again for any help you can give me.