Okay most people know that the MobileTerminal doesn't work... I got suggested by alot of trustful people to add a source and get a terminal that works with 4.0, and it does wonderfully, but the problem is almost everything in the appstore requires mobile terminal... so everytime i download a app, iget this error and most of the times i cant download the app..

I understand it means that i already have a terminal in place for that, but because of this mobileterminal is ALWAYS in queqe or something on Cydia so if i uninstall something, it installs, if i install something, it still tries to install itself.

It's getting annoying, even Rock App keep saying these apps didn't successfuly get installed just because they require mobile terminal, but the apps are working fully.
Tired of the errors anything i can do to fix and still keep the terminal for 4.0?