well hello everyone,
I have a problem. My ipod touch freezes and i can't do anything to remove it. and itunes don't reconize it either. and the weirdest part is that every 15-20 minutes it flickers.
what i did before this came was.
i tried to get the 4.0 firmware but didn't work so i reset the ipod with the settings menu and then by general waited until the bar was fully loaded and then it became like what i mentioned before.
and yes my ipod is/was jailbroken.(blackrain)
and i tried the dfu mode and everything like that but my itunes still doesn't reconize it. I even uninstalled itunes and install again with no result
so could somebody please help me out?
greetings from the netherlands

p.s i'm on the 3.2.1 firmware and have a 2g ipod touch 16 gb