I've got an iPod Touch 3rd generation running 3.1.2 firmware under the Spirit jailbreak. I'm using the latest version of WinSCP (I think) on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. Enough information to start with? I think so.

I can connect to my iPod, sure. I've installed OpenSSH and SBSettings, and connecting works fine.

I've already Googled this problem around. The only fix I've seen was to set the Auto-Lock to Never... which the OpenSSH tutorial I was reading had already told me. Not very helpful.

It gets the directory listing of /private/var/root fine. If I try to change directory to anything - child, parent, any random directory - WinSCP times out and says something like "no response for 15 seconds". I'm just using the remote folder browser on the right.

Any ideas?