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Thread: Completely bricked!! HELP

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    Angry Completely bricked!! HELP
    Hey guys its nashy10 again, well guess what my ipod is completely screwed. so i was on 3.1.2, and upgraded and jb'd with spirit, all was fine except i really wanted my apps back, so i went to restore them from rok. so im in the middle of restoringwhen my ipod shuts off and reboots, im like okkkkk s i wentto try again and it was going smooth, then my ipod stopped respoinbding so i had to restart it. so then again i went to restore it a third time and my ipod turned off. so at this point i was like nvm ill just keep my apps, so i go to turn it on and it took 10 mins to boot, im using it normally then it randomly shut off!! now when i go to turn it on it takes like 10 mins then it shuts off and reboots, its not even in dfu mode, ior recovery11 and i i take it off the charger and turn it on it says battery is to low to start, o i plug it in right, and it says charging, and just when its about to go to from red to green, it shuts off and reestarts over and over. i left it on the charger for a whole day, and the ipod was really warm, and obviouslyt fully charged, it keeps saying batteriesdead, and i try to boot it with charger and it just restarts again and again.

    PLZ someone help i use my ipod to much to live without it :P

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    It sounds like, and I'm no expert, if it was still warm after being plugged in, you may have a physical/electrical problem. It doesn't take that long to charge an iPod and it won't even be warm long after its done.

    If you don't get any answer that solve you problem, I would take it in to apple, or maybe even some other place that can fix it.
    Tima Kudinov

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