Well to start i'm on an iPod Touch 3rd gen 3.1.2 with blackra1n jailbreak and rock for my package source.

Well it just started about a week ago. I noticed some keyboard lag, and just general slowness. After about 3 days of this lag, it has become unbearably slow. It's so bad it takes an upwards of 10-12 seconds just to unlock it and the keybard lag is horible. I have few background apps running and even stoped using winterboard. The background apps I curently have one are, no album art, categorys sb, battery control, sbsettings, an thats about it.

Sorry I know that was the biggest run on ever but according to sbsettings im at am upwards of 35mb of memory even while typing this, but my keyboard is super duper laggy. Apps wont open and so on.

So does any one have any suggestioms to fix this before I just restore and use sprit?