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Thread: Why so slooooow?!?!?!

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    Default Why so slooooow?!?!?!
    Hi All!

    I finally gathered enough scratch to upgrade ipods. Had an old 30gig wheel, finally got a 32gig touch 3g. Unfortunately it was 3.1.3 out of the box. Looking forward to future developments so I too can start participating in the community.

    I love this site, and its wealth of information. Only thing though, why does MMI load so slowly? I'd say about 2/3 times I visit it takes between 30-40 seconds for each page to load. Not my computer. Other sites still load in 4-5 as usual, and I've tried different browsers, Chrome and Firefox, with consistent results.

    Is the site just bogged down with people trying to keep up to date with the new geohot news, or is something else going on?

    Thanks for your time....

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    could be ur internet server.
    but this site is getting even more popular we have 600000 members now

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    Tethered on AT&T 3g, and I am loading these pages in less than 5s every time ... :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by battlecrushr View Post
    ...could be ur internet server.
    If its not been slowing down for everybody, then I guess it might be something with the server connections from my part of the world (South Louisiana, USA) to MMI. All other sites I visit load fine, but I noticed MMI loads slowly from my friends house as well.

    I guess I was just kinda hoping it was a traffic overload issue.

    Oh well, thanks for the quick feedback!

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    Use google chrome, its fast as hell, just make sure you turn on all the privacy settings, or use the iron browser.
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    I would have to agree on using Chrome for browsing. It is considerably faster than the alternatives, from everything I have seen.

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    I think there is a problem within the server that's why your connection is too slow.

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    Today was somewhat slow to load but that could also be we were very close to breaking the most users on at one time today.

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    It Could Be Your Internet Connection.

    You might have a slow internet connection.
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    Firefox is good for customization and such; it's alright for browsing and has stacks of features. I still have Chrome installed onto my computer if I need quick access to the internet.

    Chrome also takes a couple of seconds to boot while Firefox takes as well as 5 minutes. For me, maybe, because I have loaded it with lots of addons and GreaseMonkey scripts.

    Chrome is best for browsing. Hope this helped.


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