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Thread: Need Help with Android Lock on Ipod Touch

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    Default Need Help with Android Lock on Ipod Touch
    I have a jailbroken (with Blackra1n) Ipod touch running on firmware 3.1.2 and I recently installed the Android Lock through Cydia. It's basically a different lock screen which requires you to input a certain pattern (it works like a password). Somehow, my friend was able to figure out the pattern/password and he changed it. I won't be seeing him again for 2 weeks, and by then, he might forget the pattern/password. So right now, I can't use my Ipod touch . On some other sites, I read that you could delete the Android Lock by using ssh to access the ipod's files on the computer. Unfortunately, it seems that I need to have Openssh or afc2add installed on my ipod. I have neither of those.... Is there any way I can ever use my Ipod again? Please Help.

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    I think you need to restore, otherwise you're screwed

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    Kick your friend in the nuts? Backup in itunes and then restore to 3.1.3 and jailbreak with redsn0w. just make sure you point redsn0w toward your 3.1.2 firmware.

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    NO! Just use i-funbox! It doesn't require SSH, and just go to RAW FILE SYSTEM<VAR<STASH<THEMES.(random numbers and letters)<AndroidLock and DELETE IT! I did i-funbox, it works fine for me. It even works with iPods that arn'et jailbroken, I've heard.

    Sorry I forgot, website is
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    Reboot ur device it should skip the androi lock =D

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    If you have sbsettings and ifile then YOUR SAVED theres two ways you can do this
    heres how slide your status bar to open sbsettings and put your ipod into safe mode while in safe mode you can either use cydia and uninstall androidlock or open ifile and click the search bar then click hierarchy and type in androidlock it may take a little while to load but after that click the file with the name com.zmaster.AndroidLock.plist somewhere in the middle there will be a line that says <string> (your password here)</string> there you go (:

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    okay so i tried to use ifunbox but when i went to raw files this>> RAW FILE SYSTEM<VAR<STASH<THEMES
    wasnt there.
    like there was no var<stash<themes ect..

    can you pleaseeeee help me !?

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