Hi All,
well i was not sure where to post this so hopefully its in the right place if not can someone move it to the right place for me please? so anyways i have been search for a sip phone for my ipod touch 2nd i have a earphones and mic now and i found one call Acro bits - Softphone with works a treat! but the thing is i dont think i like it very much i have also tried fring too but i cant get that to work with the provider im with with is voipcheap.com is there any others that are better than the one im using now? or is there a way i can get fring to work too wouldnt mind one with maybe push notifications? I was also searching the net for ages and no look on how to make a incoming number for my voipcheap account but couldnt come up with anything so i thought i would ask here and see if anyone could help me out? sorry went off topic a bit but there was loads of things spinning around my head about trying to get this to work right for me! lol