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Thread: DIY/FAQ: iPod Touch take apart tips and hints

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    Default DIY/FAQ: iPod Touch take apart tips and hints
    This is just to discuss the part everyone screws up, after you get past this you are home free. This will not be a pictorial because there are tons of them, and the best one is already here:

    Rapid Repair - iPod Touch 2G Repair Guide by RapidRepair

    BUT, before you can replace parts you have to get in it. This is the video for that [ame=]YouTube - iPod Touch 2nd Generation Breakdown[/ame]

    The reason will become clear after you see the video. It's the only one on the net that shows you exactly what your goal is inside the LCD when hitting the clips with the splunger to loosen the LCD.

    I wanted to talk to you about removing the LCD because you WILL break it if you don't listen to me. A simple search reveals 10,000 replies everywhere "I broke my screen trying to do this".

    The screen cannot be pried up.
    The screen cannot be pried up.
    The screen cannot be pried up.
    The screen cannot be pried up.
    The screen cannot be pried up.
    The screen cannot be pried up.

    You must release the clips and it will COME UP with just the slightest persuasion. If you have to put force on it to pry it up, your clips are not released. Did you just read that? Are you listening? Are you putting a screwdriver or splunger under your LCD and prying up right now even after I just said not to? Are you reaching for your credit card to order a new LCD? DO NOT PRY UP. If the clips are released the LCD will come up.

    Take several pry tools, guitar pics, thin stiff items as such and use them to line the side of the iPod Touch that has the volume keys on it. Start with the splunger tool first, stick it dead center in the middle and push it in so it puts a little space between the side of the case and the lcd. This will allow you room to slide another tool in beside it (or guitar pick or whatever you have). Do this with at least 3 or 4 tools on that side of the glass. Most people do not get the tools DEEP enough in the side and they do not pop the clips. PUSH the tool down into the side and get it in there. Don't let it slip back out.

    Now dead center in the middle of the glass at the top of the iPod put another splunger tool (or pick or whatever) right in the middle and sink it in deep to pop the clip there.

    Now at the bottom put one on each side of the home button.

    You're ready to remove the LCD. Take a sharp tool like a micro flathead and go to the corner by the power button above the volume and pop the clip just below where it bends around the top. Refer to the picture on the first link above. Make sure the center clip on top is released, the edge will start to lift up. Track down the side with the micro flathead giving it just a SLIGHT prying motion while going down into the side in the gaps and each 12 inch you go the lcd will rise gently. There will be another major clip at the bottom of the side like the one near the top edge.

    At this point the lcd should be rising all the way down the edge. MAKE SURE you have the top clip that is in the middle released. Now work the two clips on bottom free, one on each side of the home button by sinking the micro screwdriver beside the splurger and giving the area a slight gentle pry down and up to se if the lcd moves up any without resistance. NEVER FORCE IT. It will come up if it is free. It does not require any effort.

    Now you have three free corners and one side still stuck firmly in place. Look up top by the power button and stick the micro flathead under that ribbon cable and pop it up free of the motherboard so you don't rip it off. You must use the splungers on the other side of the LCD as well, the lcd is still clipped over there DO NOT THINK YOU CAN PRY IT UP, YOU WILL BREAK IT. You must release the clips the same way as the other side. Use the splungers to get in 3 or 4 on that side, then go back with the microdriver flathead to persuade the lcd inwards slightly and upwards slightly. Do not force it, it will rise if it is unclipped and free. The LCD WANTS to come out and it will if nothing is holding it.

    Now you should have the LCD out . You'll notice your rubber surround is worthless now. Forget it, you can't save it so don't bother trying. Concentrate on saving the LCD and screw the rubber lining when you are doing this. It was actually easier for me to dig the rubber lining out with the splunger and get it out of the way by sliding the splunger back and forth down the sides.

    Now, just follow the other DIY's on the internet and finish your repair. This was just to keep you from breaking the LCD. Not many people talk about this part and it is the most crucial and most misunderstood part of the take apart. Do this and take it slow and you will not break it. Remember that you can never use too many splungers or guitar picks or whatever you have.The more you use the more released the sides and clips are. Also remember to get them pushed down in there WELL. The reason most people break the LCD is by not pushing the splungers in far enough to release the clips and they simply break the LCD trying to pull it up while it is still holding on.

    Look at my purty new case. Only $8 shipped and it was sent on monday and got here wednesday (today). Don't think that can be beat for an OEM case. 2 days ship, free ship, $8 price. First ebay powerseller I've had a good experience with in a while.

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