View Poll Results: what do you want to see in the next gen touch

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  • flash

    77 62.10%
  • mxtube saving in youtube (right to library)

    44 35.48%
  • bluetooth

    71 57.26%
  • download online media to library

    52 41.94%
  • more online media decoders (midi, wmv, ect)

    51 41.13%
  • faster processer/more ram

    70 56.45%
  • camera

    69 55.65%
  • tv player (like locationfree player on psp)

    39 31.45%
  • webpage downloading like iwebsaver

    28 22.58%
  • Real sound speakers like in the iphone (not the crappy monotone one)

    93 75.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What should the touch gen 2 have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by desepticon View Post
    thats probably true as well but I don't think apple would ever put an sd slot in ANY product they make (unless they came out with the iCamera. lol)
    haha, even then i wouldnt be surprised if they have built in memory.

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    I think speakers would be an excellent addition to the touch gen 2.
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    i could live without most of that but flash support, mxtube strait to the library and built in speakers are a must.

    there is no reason that that has to be a new ipod just a software update

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    Camera? Sure I WISH it had this... but thats impossible as it is internal made in the device. Whe'd all have to go to the store and ask the person at the counter to unscrew our iPod covers and install the camera.

    Probably the most thing I'm wishing for it Flash

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    Well we are discussing the iPod Touch 2G- Not the 2.0 f/w update. So hardware changes would be obviously do-able. Camera would be alright, but then again lets think: Are asking for a touch screen iPod, or the iPDA? (you get the point). I'd like to see it geared more towards music functionality. How about stereo speakers, more music features like media mixing apps (kind of like a DJ scratching), support for 2 headphones to the unit, 3.5mm audio-in, FM Radio tuner. These would make sense if it is to be an iPod, but if it wants to crossover to PDA territory, then camera, flash etc would be good too.

    What wants to see more music oriented features versus PDA functionality?
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    If you want an iPod with a camera and Bluetooth, just get an iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iFilipino View Post
    If you want an iPod with a camera and Bluetooth, just get an iPhone.

    I got my iPhone a few months ago and haven't regretted it one bit!

    Well, maybe a little because of the possibility of 3G over the horizon/WWDC.

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    a phone

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    OLED Screen would be nice... it'd stretch the battery life out alot.
    Also, if the whole device was a giant super-strong touchscreen and you could drag windows (run FULL OSX, not the semi-cut down iphone version) from say, the front to the back of the ipod that'd be nice too.

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    Bluetooth and support for usb broadband modems.

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    dedicated volume buttons!! i mean come on! its so annoying that they dont have it. and some dedicated buttons like play/pause, and such.

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    just push the home button twice and the volumes right there with pause and play....personally more buttons means just more could fall apart...wouldnt make sense without a built in speaker anyway...seems like everyone in here wishes they bought an iphone?

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    Flash Player!!!!

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    I want speakers and like a built in radio. If they added all that other stuff to the iPod I would probally NEVER use it. I bet everyone here that wants flash on their iPod wants to watch P0rn on it. lolololol i was once there. But srsly all that other stuff would seem like it would just cause problems and be more harm then help

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    flash, speakers, more ram. When is the 2nd gen iPod touch coming out because I'm thinking about getting a iPod touch and don't want to buy it then have a new one come out a week later. Thanks

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    Umm,I like the RADIO idea. It will be cool to have a radio.

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    Bluetooth, Camera Speakers are the only things in the options that should be in this topic. Half of the things should soon he able to get anyway, with the 2.0 firmware coming out. things Everything except the 3 things i mentioned are all software and can be created for the iPod Touch now if you wanted to, its just very hard as it messes with the apple starting software! a second gen iPod Touch would mean hardware, not software! Jesus some people are stupid. So, Yes. bluetooth would be useful but only when sending files to other phones, songs etc. A Speaker would be awsome! and a camera would make it perfect. I've read in a few places that apple have already for a patient to have solar cells behind the screen which would be wicked. N wifi would be wicked... Definately more memory, lol, it'd be great if it was slimmer! Though not to much, or its two thin, if you get my meaning.

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    ppl. it needs blutooth and speakers also we should be able to re partition the disk

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    There maybe more fiction on it, but i don't wanna iTouch more like a cellphone.,a device for more fun, just enough.
    iTouch with a radio is a good idea, it's time to say goodbye for radio remote.

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    I woiuld like to see a camera, bluetooth for headsets, and a SD slot would be nice as well.

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