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Thread: Help: app store not English/ hclipboard won't install

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    Default "fixed" Help: app store not English/ hclipboard won't install
    I have ipt2g 3.0. JB

    I need to get skype from AppStore, but Appstore is not in English and when I try to
    download, it tells me I can only use Canadian AppStore to download software.

    Also I installed : hclipboard "cause I like it" had it with 2.2.1 worked fine, now, even though it shows up
    in my setting as on... I don't see it on my keyboard.
    Anyone know how to solve these issues???
    Mainly AppStore issue worried about .

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    Are you signed onto your account? Has anything changed to your account? Did you change the language on your device?
    How did this start? Did you notice an immediate change or one over time? For how long have you had this issue?

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    I was signed in.
    I didn't change any language settings in iTunes or iPod
    I noticed it just when I made post.


    I just upgraded to 3.0 and JB my ipt2g from links I found here, but I got the ispw from torrent site.

    A couple other things are messy... In safari, when I try to add a bookmark, it saves it to my "home", even though I click on "add bookmark".

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    Did you change anything just prior to this (no matter how minor)? Does any one else have access to your account? Was this not happening when you just upgraded?

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    Could it be the ispw I downloaded had been messed with or from another region/country?

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    Well, if this started once you booted up from the upgrade, it could very much be such. Try a different source (preferably, Apple).

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    For some reason, after starting it up a few more times, it's now English .
    Thanks for your time.

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