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Thread: Irreversible damage?

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    Default Irreversible damage?

    I bought a used iPod Touch 1st gen from a friend recently. It had been submerged in water once and only for a short time, but I was confident I could fix it. The only problem with it, surprisingly, was that it locked by itself and sometimes even turned off at random times. I opened the iPod carefully so to leave no marks, soaked up the water, examined the whole inside. Everything looked perfect, just like it should, so I closed up the iPod and started it. And amazingly, it worked perfectly and it still does. There is absolutely no evidence that water was inside the iPod except the headphone water indicator. Everything worked fine, EXCEPT, the wifi. When I go to 'Settings', the wifi box is greyed out and is un-touchable. It says 'No Wifi'. My question is, was this caused by the water damage, and is this reparable? I've finally managed to jailbreak the iPod with redsn0w, but no dice. I've also tried Ziphone and iLiberty+, and everything else, but I just can't get the wifi to work. And what are my chances of Apple replacing the iPod?

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    Default WiFi & Water
    1st consider urself lucky that the pod still turns on.
    The WiFi problem is caused by tiny residue left behind from the unpurities of the water (minerals etc).
    These form non desired links/resistance on the com board.

    I managed some time ago to rescue an iPhone with the same problem by opening the metal cover on the com board. And super gently brushing it with alcohol (PURE 180+ proof!!!).
    It is a MUST to desolder the battery pre attempting that.

    However if you are unfamiliar with electronics I would suggest against it - chances are that it will do more damage and the prospects of fixing are at best slim.

    A safer and more reliable alternative is to buy one on e.g. eBay with broken glass or similar and replace the com board.
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    Do hope that helps


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    Thanks for the reply, I'll follow your suggestion.

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    I dont know the hardware on the first gen very well, but it could just be that you need to replace the very tiny wifi card. IDK where to get one though.

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