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Thread: video out question

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    Default video out question
    hey guys, first time poster here! so i just jailbroke my ipod touch and i just started with cydia and all that. my question is, is there an app or a hack to make the tv out option work with the old video out cable (rca to mini-earphone jack)? i have an ipod universal dock that uses the old rca connection but the video wont play automatically. they say the newer composite cables have a chip or something that is needed for video out on the itouch. but yesterday, i played an ipod video on the dock. when the display came out on the tv, i swapped the ipod video with my ipod touch which then displayed its feed on the screen. after a few seconds the feed was gone with an error message on the ipod touch saying the accessory was not compatible with the device.
    what i was thinking was, since the ipod touch is able to play using the old cable except for the warning message, maybe there has been a way to get around this already using an app that bypasses that warning message and lets the ipod continue feeding the tv?

    is there a workaround for this? does the tvout app solve this? hope someone can answer this! thanks!

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    Well, the TVOut app is for getting applications to display on a TV using a certain wire. I'm not sure how the iPod Touch works using a dock, but for displaying things on a TV, it is designed to use a cable (currently you have to choose between composite and component, but it will be updated in the future to be just one wire that supports both formats and has higher quality) and my be the only way to do such. If you get that cable (I got mine at RadioShack for $50, there isn't a price difference between the two) and use the TVOut app, anything you want on the device will display on the screen (by bypassing the prevention in the OS for applications other than video). I'm not sure of a way to do this without buying the cable.

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    thanks jeckel!will try the tvout app for what its supposed to do when i get my cable working.

    i have a new problem though. i hope someone can help me out! so i got a third party av cable from ebay and have been trying to get it to work on my jailbroken touch 2g firmware 3.0. i tried putting in the iapd file that i got from other forums but it didnt work. the posters say that it was already patched but still nothing happens. the iapd file i put in is supposedly for the iphone 3g so i dont know if it will work with my touch. can anyone tell me how to do this? im using diskaid to get into my touch so i dont know how to edit the permissions on the file. is there a way to do this through diskaid or do i have to use a different program? or can somebody point me to the already patched iapd for the touch 2g 3.0 that i can just drop in to the correct folder? thanks in advanced anyone!

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