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Thread: Lots of bugs in OS 3 with iPod touch 1G

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    Question Lots of bugs in OS 3 with iPod touch 1G
    Hey guys, I could use some help here. I recently upgraded my iPod touch to OS 3, and used redsn0w 0.75 to jailbreak it. Everything went smooth, but after a couple days my touch started to act up:

    • Random shutdowns (at least 2 every day).
    • The battery icon goes up and down randomly when it's connected to the computer.
    • I sometimes get a Low Battery warning even a couple hours after I charged the touch. The percentage of energy left appears as something like 61324523%
    • After some random shutdowns, the time and date of the touch go to 6:00 PM of December 31st, 1999.
    • The device gets REALLY warm after I use some apps.

    Now, I would just do a clean restore and re-jailbreak, but my Home button is broken and I couldn't get it fixed (my warranty expired). I could try to get it into DFU mode (the Home button sometimes responds), but I don't know if I should stay in OS 3, go back to 2.2, or wait for 3.1.

    Anyone has experienced any of these bugs? I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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    I had this issue (the overheating and battery issues) for a small time back when my device was on 1.1.4. Luckily, it ended once the device restarted. Now for you, I would suggest a few manual restarts or a restore. This is in no way an issue with the firmware.

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    Yeah, I googled these issues and didn't found much info, except for some posts about the battery problems, but it was like you said, from people who was on 1.1.x, and nothing about OS 3.

    I've already tried the manual restarts (the problems started a few weeks ago), but they didn't help. I'm thinking this time the jailbreak didn't go as smoothly as it seemed. It's weird, because I've been jailbreaking my iPod since the days of 1.1.2, and never had a problem during the jailbreak or after it.

    I think I'll try a clean restore, that is if I can get my broke Home button to cooperate.

    Thanks for your answer!

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    Hey, I'm back. I've tried EVERYTHING now and I can't get my iPod to behave. Manual restarts, clean restore to 3.0, downgrade to 2.2.1 and 2.1, jailbreak with redsn0w 0.75, 0.8, Pwnage Tool 3, an old copy of QuickPwn 2.2.5, and I'm still having the SAME problems I had when I opened this thread.

    Come on, guys, any ideas of what to do? Otherwise I'll just have to go back to using my shitty Sony Ericsson mobile for music too, and wait til September for the new iPod...


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    Could you possibly be more specific as to the timing of things when this started? Was anything peculiar happening when this started? Did you install something? Have you kept the device off for a while and let it cool? If all else fails, perhaps a trip to an Apple store would be in order (so long as it is on unaltered firmware)?

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    The issues started a few days after I upgraded to 3.0 (clean restore, jailbreak with redsn0w 0.72). I installed the Cydia apps I normally use: Winterboard, MakeItMine, Mobile Terminal and mQuickDo (to replace my broken Home button), plus a couple apps and games from the App Store. It was the same apps and utilities I had in 2.2.1. And about letting it cool off, it spent the whole weekend off, and that didn't help.

    Last night I restored the iPod again, to 3.0. It's still buggy, but a lot more stable than the last time. I was thinking of giving up the jailbreak to see if it helps, but I need mQuickDo. I can survive without themes or wallpapers, but I can't use the damned thing without the Home button :P

    I'd take it to the Store, but there's only an Apple Authorized Service in my city, and the guys over there aren't too bright. When my Home button broke, they said they couldn't get a new one, and even if they could, it would cost me almost as much as a new device. They also offered to change the device, for a small fee that was a bit higher than a brand new 2G.

    So I guess my only option is to hope that my current device will last till the 3,1 comes out.

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