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Thread: Error - Package Download Failed

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    Default Error - Package Download Failed
    Hello Podders,

    Hope someone out there can throw some assistance this way! I have jailbroken 1.1.3 with some funky apps and the like installed. So I do not want to have to really start over again as I cannot back up (if anyone knows how to back up full pod that would be cool).

    I have installed a SOURCE which lists pure millions of other sources. If you go to INSTALLER - SOURCES - EDIT - ADD and enter;

    Following that go to INSTALLER - SOURCES - BLAZE ULTIMATE.

    You will be amazed at the sheer volume of SOURCES which are added. Digressing (and possible cuase for alert) after installing the source list my UPDATE icon summond me to UPDATE, however at this point ERROR - PACKAGE DOWNLOAD FAILED. This error also occured on attempt to install ANYTHING but after a RESTART that was resolved. Unfortunately restart did not allow UPDATE, same error message each and every time.

    Does anyone know WHAT CAUSES and possibly more importantly, HOW TO RECTIFY?

    My spec - 16gb Jailbroken 1.1.3 with Summberboard 3.2, Community Sources, iApp-a-day, 5 dice, BSD Subsystem, Installer 3.01, BSD Subsystem 2.0 Termfixand two manually installed themes which as you know do not show in installer.

    Thanks for your time and assistance and I must cease this posting before I need a new chapter due to its sheer length.

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    It occasionally happens to me; I'm not sure why.

    At first, it was because the Blaze source changed for me, then the BigBoss repo. But after that, reboots solved it, and then a router reboot. Not sure what exactly causes it aside from the server being down.

    Do they all say this? Also, try clearing your queue, maybe one of the apps in your queue's server is down.
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    Syncing my iPod clears it up for me.

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    Awesome, I'll try that next time.
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