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Thread: 1.1.4: The Facts.

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    Default 1.1.4: The Facts.
    First of all, I would like to thank spoonforknife from iPtF for this guide, I am just reposting it for all the people who doesn't want to go through the whole process. Here goes:
    Firmware 1.1.4 was quietly released on February 26th, 2008 by Apple Inc.

    It contains no discernible differences from Firmware 1.1.3 besides bug fixes.
    There is no flash, there is no new applications. It is simply for bug fixes. It has a large file size though, so it is most likely preparing and setting up file systems and security systems for the SDK (Software Development Kit)

    Firmware 1.1.4 can be jailbroken via the ZiPhone Jailbreak method, the same as 1.1.3. See this link for proof. If you are on 1.1.3, I do not advise upgrading. One user reports that it seems very unstable. The ZiPhone jailbreak is out now. Note that the ZiPhone jailbreak still does not work for older 16 GB(pre-MacWorld) iPod touches or the newer 32 GB iPod touch. However, it does still work with the older 8 GB and new 16 GB iPod touches and iPhones.
    Originally Posted by Zibri
    ZiPhone 2.5 is now on download site for you all to enjoy. I decided to release it for everyone since MANY are helping supporting sponsors. And it would not have been fair to them. I suggest you to do a restore to 1.1.4 not an update. Because installer keeps old installed apps in it's cache and you would have problems. Hoping people at nullriver software resolve that soon. After restore to 1.1.4, just use "ziphone -Z Y" or the first button on GUI versions.

    Have fun !
    And thanks to everyone for supporting and caring!

    Stay tuned ! More interesting things are coming up on this site!


    Here's MacBam's report on the jailbreak.

    Originally Posted by MacBam
    Tried ziphone on 1.1.4
    First everything went fine:
    BSD Subsystem works
    SSH works
    Changed version number to 1.1.3 here, otherwise firmware errors in installer
    iPhone apps + Wiggle works
    Summerboard works
    Customize (modded by SkylarEC) doesn't fully work! It gives all options but most of them have no "backup" folder, so they probably won't work...

    One more thing, it has frozen twice in the 15 minutes I used! (once in installer, once in stocks)

    Going back to 1.1.3 now...
    Many 3rd party applications work with 1.1.4, because there is not much difference between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. Once again, since there is no discernible difference between the two firmwares, I would advise staying on 1.1.3. It has also been noted by one user that Summerboard and Customize do NOT work on 1.1.4.

    - Audible difference (Better, Clearer Volume)
    - Better Tabbed Browsing (No White Screen)
    - Safari is more stable
    - Better Lyrics Management
    - Better Mail

    It would be nice for this to be stickied so it won't be lost upon all the threads.
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