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Thread: iTouch 1g stuck in dfu? ITS DEAD

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    Default iTouch 1g stuck in dfu? ITS DEAD
    okay.. my ipod touch before this all happend was running frimware 1.1.2 i believe and had no wifi i can't switch wifi on and off nor did it have itunes apps on the ipod ( i got the ipod from a friend) everything else worked but i wanted to upgrade to 2.2.1 so i went on with the normal shift restore method in itunes and got error 1601... tried again and got the same thing 1601... so then i was like fu*kit just let me restore the phone to the original defualt frimware itunes woudl download.. that happend to be 1.1.5 and it got stuck on verify ipod restore.. i force quit itunes and pulled out my itouch.. ( my itouch was at a blank screen)... i am unable to turn it on with any buttons... no button combo works.. ( i dont' get anythign to show up on screen no apple logo no nothing when its not connected to the comp) when its connected to the comp i get the soudn no pop-ups than i click itunes and the whole waiting for ipod comes up.. then the usb ( iboot- ipod dfu mode)pop ups and then it says itunes detected ipod in recovery.. and my only option is to restore... it seems everytime i try to restore it to a firmware 2.0 and higher i get error 1601 and right after the * preparing ipod for restore* thing and everything i try to restore anything under 2.0 it goes all the way to verify ipod restore and hangs their.. for how long? .. well i kept it on all last night for atleast a good 8-10 hours.. the only positive feedback i get is that when restore the ipod i do get an apple logo to show with spinning dial on the bottom and itunes stays stuck on verify ipod restore...before you tell me put in restore and DFU mode know that it seems my ipod is in a DFU MODE all the time.. no way out... only thing is when i connect to itunes and it detects found in restore.. but no restore process seems to work... MY IPOD IS PARALYZED is seems on DFU mode... any clues hints at all?...i even went to the apple sote but the so called techs onyl say 3 things.. its water damage, restore it... or replacement.. and i got the replacement one.. but my warranty is dont so i gotta pay 100 for new one.. but i wanna try to fix it.. any help is appreciated thank you!

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    Have you tried to get it turned off completely before again trying another restorative mode? Have you tried slightly different times on the first holding step of DFU mode? Are you sure you're in DFU mode (it must be a blank screen, otherwise it'll be Restore mode)? Are you following the steps properly to get into DFU mode? Do you have the correct IPSW files for your device?

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    yes yes and yes... i know i'm in DFU mode because one i cna't possible be in any other mode since NOTHING comes on my screen... plus ziphone assures im in DFU mode.. iliberty also confirms i'm in DFU mode.. not only that.. after i connect the device to my computer even those itunes already says ipod found in recovery mode... i put it back in DFU mode ( holding both bottoms for 10 seconds * until the ding dong and then let go of power 3 secs after i here the tune and then i hold home til i here ding-dong again and thats when itunes pops ups that screen of waiting for ipod and then ipod found in recovery mode and i'm sure i'm running the right frimware because i simply click restore and update... so i know itunes is certainly restoring it with the right frimware... and i've check and it is a frimware for ipod touch 1g.. to say it breifly i'm stuck in DFU mode... and i'm unable to restore my ipod touch to any thing.... NO WAY OUT?!?

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    There is software to help you get out of DFU mode. You could do a turn off procedure (just can't slide the bar to officially turn it off). Have you restarted you computer? Re-installed iTunes? The only reason DFU shouldn't work would be if it was overloaded when it is trying to restore (or get into the restorative modes) or if the device is physically damaged. Any signs of that?

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    its still like that.. i'm STUCK IN DFU MODE>> and there seems to be NO WAY OUT!!!

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    my ipod 2g is doing the SAME thing AND i took it to apple and they couldn't help me STUPID ppl!

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