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Thread: HELP with ipod touch over heating

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    Default HELP with ipod touch over heating
    Good morning everybody (assuming you are reading this in the morning)

    My ipod touch has worked fine ever since i got it for christmas a year ago. It is the 1st Gen, it has 2.2 firmware and it is jailbroken. My problems started 2 weeks ago when i noticed after using it for 10 mins, the screen and metal parts were all extremely hot. It is worse when it is on the charger. is this the batery dying? if so, where do i get a new one?

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    what kind of apps do you have running?

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    I have beejive IM, and some random games like jelly car on a lot, plus music, all the iPod stuff.

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    this happens alot with my iPhone and laptop and xbox and ps3 and nokia phone.. infact.. most electronic devices used for a length of time.

    phones being one of the worst as they have no cooling fan.
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    well I searched around and all threads either say. that 2.1 and up run hotter then normal or take it to apple and replace it. shorter battery life is normal these days.
    How hot does it get? there's a thread about this one kid burning his leg when he fell asleep with his iPhone laying on his leg...

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    ^ Lol I remember that. But that doesn't sound normal, I would see what Apple says when you take it in...
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