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Thread: iPod touch vs. iPhone

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    Well I went to decide if I should get an iPod touch or an iPhone, first of all I live in Canada so I would have to go through the all the unlocking stuff which I didn't want to do, I also have a really good camera and a trash phone I just use for calls, I didn't really mind carrying around the phone and iPod since the phone is like tiny, and I didn't have much music so 8 gigs was fine for me. I wound up getting the touch, being kind of disappointed about the number of apps so I went and jailbroke it and now I have all the iphone apps cept for phone and camera and a bunch of 3rd party apps as well, and if I ever want to send it in I can just restore the thing and hope they don't figure out I messed around with it.

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    both are great buys

    I am tempted to buy a iPod touch even though I have an iPhone. I keep looking up the specs, eh I should just get it

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    I have an iphone & I LOVE it.

    I have had 7 phones in the past year & I plan on keeping this one forever.
    It has the same features regular phones have, but all are more simple to use because everything is at a fingers touch.

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    i am also not a touch fan. i think ipod touch is useless for me. Owning an iphone is enough!

    i love my iphone very much!

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    I suppose that for the TRUE businessman, that uses his Treo or WinMo Smartphone, the touch might be good. However, I am a believer in the all-in-one concept; it simply makes sense. If you really need that much space, then clearly the iPT or iPhn isn't for you. But think about it, 8GB of space can fit a LOT of media! lol. Sorry, but I just don't see how one could truly fill up 8GB of space (well 7.xGB) and feel unfulfilled. I mean to say, I understand the want of having ones entire media collection at ones finger tips. However, the battery won't last long enough to play it all, right?

    I still say iPhone FTW!

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    I voted for the iPod Touch because i have one.
    I'd get an iphone if they had it here. The iPhone is a fantastic piece of technology, but as a phone i wouldn't buy one.
    That would have to be one of the most awkward thing to hold to your face.
    I'm a bit of an image person, and to hold something to wide and rectangular to my face would be too much. But to have edge and all that would be great.
    What i'm looking for is an iPod Touch with edge basically... maybe bluetooth for some a2dp action.

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    I have an iphone but if i cancel my number with cingular can i just use it as an itouch? or do they lock the phone or something

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    If you terminate you services, the phone will be fine, it just won't have EDGE or Voice calling... I'd recommend keeping you service, as my friend has an unlocked iPhone on T-Mo, and half the functionality is not there due to no EDGE (Sketchy Wi-Fi where we were @).

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    I Own This Place

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    If if didn't have an iPhone, nor AT&T, what the hell? I would get an iPod Touch.

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    I've got an iPhone and an iPod Touch and they're both great!

    i got an iPod Touch before i got my iPhone because i could get all the awesome features the iPhone had (minus the phone) for a price i could afford. And it's great because i have my iPhone for all the basic stuff and i can do heavier modding on my iPod Touch, without worrying about losing my phone. And looking at the iPod Touch as an mp3 player and not comparing it to the iPhone, it's miles ahead of anything else out there.

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    Hi everyone,
    First post here. Totally new. I want to say thanks to everyone for the tremendous info.

    I bought the 16 gig iTouch 3 days ago. My laptop got fried so I needed an interim solution for email and iCal. Loved it so much I decided to get the iPhone (for the all in one benefits) and return the touch. I still have both. I just noticed that the wifi on the touch seems stronger than the phone. It's sensing my wireless and holding onto it a lot better in an area of the house where it is weak. The phone will lose it and keep giving me the message about not being subscribed to edge (very annoying by the way... if anyone can direct me to a step by step guide on how to disable it from even trying to connect to edge that would be great!).

    My phone is version 1.0.2 and I don't know how they unlocked it. (I bought it like this from a plae in china town) I have considered, after spending a number of hours here, that wifi on the phone may be better on 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. Does anyone have any comments or thoughts?

    Also, I thought I'd add that the touch will have full bars, at the same time that the phone may have none or 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s2k View Post
    both are great buys

    I am tempted to buy a iPod touch even though I have an iPhone. I keep looking up the specs, eh I should just get it
    I seriously hope you're joking.

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    This poll and discussion is extremely bias. For one thing, this is mainly in iPhone forum and website. And most comments in this thread are from those who already have purchased an iPhone. But the poll results show that most would buy an iTouch if they had not yet purchased the iPhone so it balances out, sort of.

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    I would agree with the fact that a brand new iPod Touch is Worthless but a Jailbroken one is another story.. The kinda even the field between these two devices.. I actually have a iPod Touch and working on gettin the iPhone before Christmas.. What im sayin is a Jailbroken iPod Touch is the perfect substitution

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    my friend is pretty mad he got a touch... he would most likely preferred the iphone since more stuff work on it...

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    Well ipod touch is better if you already didnt have an iphone.
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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Do you know how to crack the version 1.1.2 8GB
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    Thank you this is what I have been arguing with my cousin for several days about which is worth it to buy the iphone or the itouch which is just an ipod with wifi and some cool features in it. but my argument is that if you wanna a all in one, just buy an iphone it will make things so much easier.

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