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Thread: iPod Touch crashing windows once connected.

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    Exclamation iPod Touch crashing windows once connected.
    Hey guys. I have had my iPod Touch 2.1 since November and this is the first time this happened to me. Ok today I went to my computer to charge my ipod and sync music I finally found. Once my iPod is pluged into the USB. My iPod makes the charging sound then my windows shuts off automatically.My windows goes to a blue screen and says "windows has shut down from preventing something from damaging your computer"So I was like huh?? so i start windows vista automatically without my ipod plugged in. Once i enter my account a pop up comes from windows and say "a problem occured which caused windows to shut down".It gave me a choice to check and find a solution from the problem and cancel.So i chose the "find problem and find solution".It says "This problem was caused by iTunes 8, which was created by Apple Inc." So i open itunes 8 normally without ipod connected and it open great,nothing wrong. So i connect my iPod and shuts down again with the same blue screen. So i left mu ipod connected while restarting windows.The ipod is charging but when i enter my windows account it is a blank black screen with a pop up which is to see the saved pictures in your ipod to import them to computer.So of course i had to shut down again for the desktop to show.After i kept rebooting my ipod and still the same.

    I will call apples care support tomorrow because it is 11:00 and they are closed.Do you think apple will replace my ipod? because my warranty does not end till NOV,22,2008.

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    Well, that is a predicament. You can't restore because you can't keep it plugged in. This does look like a problem with your computer and iTunes 8. What did you do before this happened? Did you install anything, update? Download anything?
    I'm not sure if Apple could cover this (it would cover device, not sure about sudden device-OS incompatibility).

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    umm I downloaded Quickpwn 2.1 and the 2.1 GUI file to jailbreak.Once i connected my iPod to itunes. My windows restarted. Anyways I already found my solution from this person in the "APPLE SUPPORT DISCUSSIONS".But still do you think if i call apple they will replace my ipod with a new one?

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    I don't know every line of the warranty so I don't know if they will. If you can find the policy then read it I think you could find your answer.

    Also, you did upgrade to 2.1 then Quickpwned, yes? Did you run it before you connected the device or did you plug it in (was it properly read?) then run it. Did you, at any time, stop the process (the Quickpwn window) while it was doing its thing?

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    I would try RSI stalling iTunes, because that's where it says the problem is right?

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