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Thread: New Touch VS. Old? sould I update so soon?

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    Default New Touch VS. Old? sould I update so soon?
    i was quite unhappy that the new ipod touches were reviled (frankly i dont pay much attention to up coming things *for sure will now*) and i bought the ipod touch 16 gb about 2 weeks ago lol. and im impressed for some reason over the new ones. with a speaker? and more software updates... is it worth trading in for new one or just flat out buying the new one? just some advice/your thoughts.

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    I don't think it is worth buying a new one, but if they will trade it in, it might be worth it.
    1) Speaker (to me is worthless)
    2) Nike thing (also worthless to me)
    3) Genius (seems cool but you can update to that)
    4) Looks... your call. I like the old look of iphone/touch better, though I do have a 3G so
    5) Price? I don't think they changed it. If it's cheaper then deffinately trade it in and get the cheaper one!
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    ^^Its cheaper.

    If its 2 weeks old, depending on where you got it, good chance you can return it. I would.

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    Yeah, most places have a 30 day return policy. You may have to pay a 10 percent restocking fee, but it would be worth it for the upgrade.

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    i bought a 1G at Best Buy and exchanged it for a 2G. AND, they even gave me a $10 dollar gift card because i complained that I upgraded to 2.1 for $10 on iTunes. It had been 8 days.

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    I would definitely trade in if you can. And if you can't, then just sell it on eBay as almostbrand new so then you'll only have to pay a little for the new iPod touch.

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    Have to agree with sziklassy on all fronts. Both, Nike apps and the speaker are pointless, to me at least. If i ever think about similar artists, i'lljust use the Last.FM app. and the new rounded touchs look ****, the same as when they ruined the Nano's with the new design.

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    I personally love having a speaker with me (I have the phones) - it makes it easier to casually share with friends and such.

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