So. I have been stuck at my boot logo and i resolved that issue. BUT, us windows users still have the problem of sucky backup times. I think everyone knows what I'm talking about. I think cash said it took him over 5 hours to backup a little over 100 appstore apps. Well......In finding a solution to my stuck at boot logo problem, I also found a long backup solution. I organized my appstore apps using Categories (can be found in Cydia). It makes your springboard run faster and crisper because it minimizes the amount of icons it has to move. For instance, when I'm "wiggling", now when I press the home button, they stop almost instantaneously. But back to the backup. I have about 30 apps. (Not counting generic apps that come with iPhone/iPod). My backup in iTunes used to take around 30-45 minutes. Now, with about 20 of my apps in Categories folders, my backup takes around 3 minutes. Not bad eh? But on the flipside, it may take less because its only backing up the icon of the folder and not the apps in it. So if you use that backup, it may be missing all of the apps that were in those folders. But if you just want to cheat the backup and never use them, you could put all of your icons in to Categories folders. Good luck!