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Thread: Ipod touch backup ? ? ?

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    Default Ipod touch backup ? ? ?
    hi my question is is there a way to back my ipod up prior to doing updates and all because every time i lose all my music and i have to re doit all over again? ? ?

    i tried backup with itunes but that just restores settings and my pics nothing about the music ? ? ?

    any help would be appriciated

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    It does back up everything (default apps, AppStore apps), but not jailbroken apps. Music doesn't need to be backed up (except if you buy music from the iTunes app on your device) as it's already on your computer! I think by default it'll back it all up (shouldn't be resetting you settings, as that would constitute you restoring).

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    i know but it desnt backup the music which is important it takes time to add everything by folders and all that hehe there must be an easy way

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    Nope, the music that's on your computer is the music that goes onto your device, which takes and incredibly long time (especially if you fill it to the brim). But if you wanted to back up your music yourself, get an external hard drive and attach it only when needed.

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    damn thx for replay man

    i wish someone would create a program that would backup ipod into a library how it is on ipod actualy so you just do once restore and done i mean i got a 32 gig that i got fresh of street for 200 bones an i got about 13 gig of music so it takes time to work with it when i update the damn thing

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    I suggest you to read this article about "how to backup iPods/Iphone":

    From iPod to computer, iPod Touch to computer, iPhone to computer

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    I have a little problem like that.

    Sometimes my playlist messes up, and istead of deteling my music, my ipod touch says that it doesn't have music but is still there.

    I can see the space used.

    So how can I backup my playlist, so when that happens, I just put the backed up playlist and it goes to normal again.

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