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Thread: Help hiding all but one icon

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    Question Help hiding all but one icon

    I work for a museum and we are trying to utilize the iPod Touch as a interactive tour device. While the device is perfect for this thing, unfortunately the need to hide all the apps comes into play to prevent people from checking them out and sending emails, watching YouTube, and adding unnecessary calendar dates. What we want to do is have one webclip icon on the screen that opens our ipod touch tour in safari (Prototype at: So far I have used Poof to narrow the icons down to Installer, Preferences, Photos, and the Webclip.

    I've been reluctant about removing the Preferences and the Installer. Photos is a whole 'nother ball of wax. Does anyone know how to remove this? There is no option in Poof!

    I know that I can restore Poof (which is hidden itself) by SSH and removing some code from the plist file. I need to have the iPod alway accessible by SSH via Computer to Computer network. Is this possible? In the WiFi Networks area when I select my laptop computer to computer connection and click on the blue arrow what happens when I select static IP? Will this keep the same IP address forever locked to the iPod Touch? I'm thinking I can get rid of Installer and Preferences and still be able to SSH to alter Poof into coming back, but of course I need to have a constant IP. Then there is the Photos icon issue.

    What do you think, am I crazy here? Any other recommendations?

    Thanks for all your help in advance. I know it is a big request and hopefully someone will have some answers.


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    Well I have a few Ideas one is in Contacts if you add a Contact and make the homepage or URL or w/e prefs://1f and save it then you can click on that url and it will open the settings for you. Or you can install Bossprefs which would allow you to turn wifi off and on and ssh off and on but the big thing is that it Shows the iPods IP when you open bossprefs. My last Idea would be install Dock it creates a little sunburst in the bottom right hand corner that can be pulled out and all the apps can be accessed But its small enough so people without knowledge wouldn't know that it pulls out like that.

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    Thanks riku98523! Sorry I did not reply sooner. Those are interesting suggestions.

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