3 weeks ago after going to the Genius bar and getting a new phone,
activated by AT&T (for a day)

the Ipod section is extreemly unstable, ,most songs play for 5-15 seconds then the sound stops and a few seconds later it changes to another song and repeats the process, some songs play for 30-60 seconds and a few seconds later changes to another song, some songs put out high pitched squeeks.

This seems to carry over to Itunes (on Iphone) songs there play well but seem to cut short of their promotional clips.

Same with Youtube , it plays but the sound cuts off after 20-30 seconds,
in all instances I can you the sound going if I move the slider a few seconds ahead then it plays for anywhere from 5-200 seconds, in ipod or Youtube.

Now that I unlocked to 1.1.2, I have exact same problem ??
Could this be a hardware problem, it seems so because to unlock
I had to install 1.1.3 again, then 1.1.1 and upgrade to 1.1.2 I would think it would clean out any bad software ??

Any help would be appreciated, sorry for the long post.