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Thread: 2.0 Kills Battery?

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    Default 2.0 Kills Battery?
    if you read my thread I just posted about how to change 2.0 password, you will now that the last method bricked my iTouch, so I restored it with 2.0.1 firmware and pwnd it.

    When I was on 1.1.4 I could listen to music, get on internet for about 10 minutes a day, and it would take a good 5 or 6 days to drain my battery dry. Ever since I updated to 2.0.1, the battery life sucks.

    I fully charged this bad boy, left it plugged up for a good 7 hours. I didn't even do anything with it, just let it sit on my table for about 8 hours, the Wi-Fi and SSH were turned off, and it's down to half life. I have downloaded no apps that run in the background.

    The only reason I can think that battery life is bad, is because...

    1. I bricked my iTouch, it was bricked for about 2 hours. The fact is I have bricked it before and it stayed bricked for a good 3 days and the battery life was fine afterward, so I doubt it was that.

    2. Flaw with 2.0.1 firmware

    3. Cydia, the things it makes your download, that package of like... 20 files. Do you think some of those are background apps that drain battery?

    Those are the only 3 reasons I could think of...

    Anybody else got this problem?

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    Does it feel very hot? At one point my iPod had horrible battery life (and it made my leg very hot while in my pocket) and within 6-8 hours I got the 10% warning (brought it out only to check time and the occasional song[s]). I just rebooted the iPod and it worked fine.
    But that was on 1.1.4. Just idling, it now takes my iPod several days before it's running low, and that's with Insomnia, SSH and Push (every 30 minutes) on. I don't know what my battery life was on 1.1.4, but I don't mind as I charge it almost every night.
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    My iPod has never gotten hot before. It just now started the battery problem after the update to 2.0.1

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    you cant brick an itouch, but i dont know why its draining.. maybe because of the appstore and some new strings that apple has running in the background, maybe its time to invest in an external battery :-/
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    Maybe I got a bad battery, but mine doesn't go very long before being totally dead, even when I'm not really using it and it's just sitting on my desk. Never leave home without a charger.

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    My touch is new and jailbreaked, it takes about 8 hours to drain when its just on the home screen. I have it always on Wifi, SSH, 1/4 brightness, and it does kinda drain the battery bad (it also never locks, I dont like the Auto-Lock, too short of times). There has been times where I did leave it on for a few hours, but on different applications.

    Here are the apps I think that drain the most battery life.

    - Winterboard
    - South Park Imaginationland
    - SMB (Super Monkey Ball, Not SummerBoard)
    - Remote
    - Cydia
    - Flashlight (Of Course)
    - MobileCoverFlow (Turn iPod while in music)
    - Safari
    - Poof
    - YouTube
    - MobileVideoPlayer

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