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Thread: I got bars!

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    Default I got bars!
    So after my long journey to make an iPod to look like the iPhone i figured all i needed was bars and 3g or E. Well theres no programs for either but there is the transformer app. So if you hit do it all you will have bars but all lowered bars. No problem it was quite obvious to just right now that all you have to do is:

    1) Install Transformer from Cydia
    2) Connect to your iPod (Of course)
    3) Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/
    4) Rename 'Default_0_Bars.png' to 'Default_0_Bars.png.BAK'
    5) Rename 'Default_3_Bars.png' to 'Default_0_Bars.png'(you can replace the 0 with any number)
    6) Then do the same thing but instead of the Default do FSO
    7) Disconnect and respring
    8) Install MakeItMine from Cydia
    9) Type AT&T
    10) Hit Carrier
    11) Connect to your iPod
    12) Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/
    13) Copy 'Default_EDGE_ON.png' 4 time to a directory on your PC/MAC
    14) Rename each copy to Default_0_AirPort.png
    15) Rename others but instead of 0 make them 1-3
    16) Do steps 13-15 but FSO files instead of Defaults
    17) Disconnect and respring
    18) Go to your local Apple store
    19) Pick up iPod Touch white hard Incase case
    20) Paint case to look like iPhone
    Tips for painting:
    1) Blue painters tape
    2) Box cutter for cutting tape
    3) Find a spray paint called fusion(or any other paint that stickes to high gloss plastic)
    4) Get matte black
    5) Gray
    6) Chrome
    7) Wood filler to fill the Incase imprint
    8) Paint

    Beat that iPhone programers manual work is where its at, it doesn't crash, only a pain in the ***

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    Do you have any pics of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by commandersafi View Post
    Do you have any pics of this?
    i think its a joke..... at least i hope its a joke
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    You dont need to post pictures, becuase I DID!!!!!
    Tip: Upload the pictures to Photobucket, thats how I do it, then code em in here.

    Dude though, I helped you with the other part of getting set up for the Carrier and crap,

    You got the Bars and the design of the phone.

    I DESERVE CREDIT. (Some Credit, lol?)
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