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Thread: Album art seems bizarre

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    Default Album art seems bizarre
    Hey guys, I have been having this odd problem. I'm running a 32g iTouch that with 2.0 firmware that's jailbroken. Because I had to restore to update to the 2.0 firmware I had to put my music back on the ipod. A strange thing will happen. I put my music starting with the letter 'A' on it and all seemed fine. When I started adding artists that began with the letter 'B', some of the album art would over ride to artists with the letter 'A' only in the 'albums' screen of the iTouch. When you played songs that had album art that was messed up, they still showed up fine.

    I have attached a few pictures to explain what's happening. image 1 has Blaqk Audio -CexCells listed with the Clash's - Give 'em enough Rope image in the top right corner. Image 2 shows what the CexCells album cover looks like with Clash in the corner. And then going over to The Clash shows Spinal Tap's - Break Like The Wind album cover as the London Calling image.

    I know I could use a program like MediaMonkey to embed images into my mp3's which I may end up doing. But I didn't have a problem with 1.1.4, why 2.0? Also it should be noted that if I delete albums that are wrong and reload them they seem to work until I start adding more music. And It seems to only be have that problem with artist names that begin with letters A-C. My Daft punk and beyond has yet to be affected.
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    hmm, are you doing the "get info" way? as in click all the songs in the album, right clicking, get info, then drag a saved image to the album art box, and apply......

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    Yeah I am, it seemed that I could go through each song individually and delete the album art and then re-upload it and it would work. But it seemed easier to delete the entire album and reload it to my ipod.

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    Note, we have moved past the D's my Korn and some of my Spinal Tap is messed up. It looks like artists that show up other places are having their artwork go wrong as well.

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