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Thread: Battery issues.

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    Unhappy Battery issues.
    Alright, so we all know the battery life on these things sucks big hairy monkey balls.
    But what I'm not understanding is this:

    Just the other day, I noticed my iPod battery had begun draining at a rapid rate. I figured maybe I had something running in the background, so as an experiment, I fully charged it overnight, and this morning deactivated WiFi, SSH (even though I don't believe that will drain battery), and disabled the Fetch feature. Basically I deactivated anything that would use battery while it sleeps.

    And so, I listened to music for maybe 15 minutes this morning at around 7 AM, then paused and hit the snooze button. No music playing, no apps/wifi/etc. running. Nothing. Haven't used it at all for the rest of the day

    As of 3:30, ten minutes ago, the battery life is less than 10% remaining.

    Now, my mind is pretty set on the fact that I need to get the battery replaced, but does anyone think maybe there is something I am missing that could be eating it up while not in use? I don't want to be iPod-less for a while. D=

    Just another tidbit of information...
    Yesterday, when it had almost been drained of battery, I plugged it into my computer and left it there for a little bit.
    I checked back in a few minutes to see the battery, and unlocked it to go to the home screen. A few seconds later, while it was still plugged in AND charging, the "Less than 20% battery remaining" notice came up.

    Now, I'm no genius, but that can't be good.
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    yeh i would call apple and get the thing replaced

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    I'm also having battery issues with my IPT. Before the new 2.0 firmware, my iPod would hold a charge for the longest time. Now I can leave it a few days on "standby" and it will completely drain.

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    That could just be a problem with 2.x firmware (people do say that it does such)

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