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Thread: hmh how do you activate an iPod Touch

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    Default hmh how do you activate an iPod Touch
    i have customize winterboard and now Transformer all going on at the same time on my iPod Touch. i got custom strings in customize a simple theme in winterboard and in Transformer i hit do it all on my iPod Touch. now every time i respring the springboard the carrier for my iPod Touch says Searching... then No Service then a pop-up saying;
    Waiting for activation
    This may take some time.

    Oh BTW did i mention i have an iPod Touch
    Oh and another BTW the reason i repeat iPod Touch is that people no matter how many time u say iPod Touch they will think you have an iPhone and try to figure it out with their iPhone you wont be able to unless you have an ______. you can fill the blank i think i made my point

    this is gonna be the best well modded iPod ever to look like an iPhone once absolute complete ill summit pics to gizmodo of the process. Using the white plastic incase from apple to paint the look alike even gonna put the serial number after it's painted.

    haha kinda funny how annoying this is gonna be when people read it
    give me some feed back
    tell me if you found this annoying and when you did
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    Ok dude, you can't activate it.

    Thats what sucks, lucky I have a solution to your problem!

    Remove it all on Transformer, re-add everything BUT Add Signal Bars!

    Install Make It Mine on your iPod Touch, after installed, you will get a screen looking like this.

    Then, you have to...
    1) Type in your Carrier name.
    2) Press Carrier!

    In customize, search for a File in a Fileset in Wifi called iPhoneBars4WiFi, download it and apply it in the WiFi section of the Status Bar Images.


    With no themes on (just a stock jailbroken iPhone) it should look like this...

    OMG!!! WTF???
    If you look closely, there is two signal bars!!!

    I do not know how to activate the first one, and if you remove the Activation thing, you will lose the Phone and SMS apps.

    They will still be accessable if you have Launcher, thats it.


    1) Transform with only Combine Media apps and add iPhone app's
    2) Do all the steps of getting the Make it Mine app and the Wifi bars
    3) Then it should look like this

    Sorry man, if that bugs you at all...
    Good Luck on the pursuit of making your iPod Touch into a iPhone!!!!

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    Thanks a lot, damn not to sound like a self centered spoiled brat but all i can really have now is if you can put the wifi bars on the left of the carrier you got to admit that would be cool

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    yeah, ****!!!

    I'm gonna think a lot now!

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    Can someone explain to me what the point of having none functional iPhone apps on your iPod Touch?

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    I wish there was a way to take your wifi bars and switch it to the left side then it'll look like you really do have reception.

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    helloo everyone i download transformer 3.0 and i how to i get it on winterbored plzzz this is urgent

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