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Thread: Help!Major Problem with iPod Touch..

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    Default Help!Major Problem with iPod Touch..
    I have a major problem with my iPod Touch. My cousin has upgraded it to version 2.0.0 as a gift for me (oh and apparently 2.0 deleted all my movies, music and jailbroken apps). But i wanted it pwned so i built a custom firmware (using WinPwn) and tried restorin it to 1.1.4 to get a pwned 2.0.. But i kept getting errors (i am using itunes 7.7). Eventually about 14 restores later i let it update onto 2.0.1 (i decided the appstore was enough 4 me...)
    Now i can't sync/ copy any music or movies to iTouch. iTunes gives me a "not allowed symbol" (a circle with a slanted line thru it-- like no parking)
    (I never really tried syncing anything with 2.0...) So pls. help me either be able to sync stuff again (i like it manually) or restore to a previous firmware...

    Also in the home screen of itunes it doesn't show music, movies etc. It only shows other 160MB and freespace 14.64GB(u know the colored bar at bottom representing space usage!)

    if u would like to know any more details pls. email me @

    [email protected]

    Thanks again to anyone that helps.

    Additional info:
    Capacity of iPod Touch:16GB
    Computer OS: Windows XP
    USB: 1.0

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    Are you manually syncing everything or are you doing it manually? You could restore it (DFU restore) and that should clear the problems. Also, is this iPod authorized to work on your computer?
    And it's expected that when you restore (which is what you must do to get 2.0 and above firmwares jailbroken) that everything is wiped. Also, you cannot restore to any firmware previous to 2.0 (you need a previous version of iTunes to do such) on iTunes 7,7.

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    If you want it pwnd, then keep the 2.0. go into DFU mode and restore to your pwnd ipsw.

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