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Thread: ipod touch audio problems

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    Default ipod touch audio problems
    well i have an ipod touch and when i try to listen to music or what ever that involves audio im only getting audio from the right side.. at first i thought it could have been the earphones so i went down to the store to buy some new ones then i tried them and the same thing then i said they could be faulty so i used my friends and stilllll the same...does anyone have any suggestions.. its jailbroken so im pretty sure i cant use my warranty

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    That's kinda weird. But...
    Even if it is jailbroken, I think you can just restore the iPod to factory settings and your warranty would still be valid, if I'm not mistaken.

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    can anyone else confirm that if i restore my ipod i can send it in for the warranty?

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    I myself haven't tried, but I think it would be valid as long as there's nothing on there that would hint that you voided your warranty. (DFU restore should clear it all off, don't sync it also)

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    Lol, yep ur gonna have to take it into the warehouse.

    What your problem is that the headphone port (the hole in the iPod) is damaged

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    yea the restore works i am now waiting for my new ipod to be shipped... the problem now is they probably are gonna send me an updated one how am i gonna jail break this one?

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    Like you would with any other firmware, with the pwning method.

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