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Thread: iPod wipe, no ssh

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    Default iPod wipe, no ssh
    Hi, I am running Vista, with a 2.0 ipod touch, and I need to completely restore my iPod. I have some annoying bugs that are staying with my iPod, even after I restore it. There are solutions, but they all dont actually help, like syncing it full, or need terminal. I dont have wi-fi or a Mac, so I'm not quite sure how I could wipe it. My wi-fi that I can use is very sketchy, and my computer is not in range of it. (I wouldn't want to hold it out my window either, it's pretty heavy. I don't have my own wi-fi so I need to use my neighbours. So the real question is, How can I wipe my iPod using a USB connection and windows?

    Thank You

    P.S. Please no suggestions involving running it over with a Mack truck, or using a Particle Accelerator. I've read way to many of those

    Any ideas?


    An answer would be nice...
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    Well if your looking to just have a clean restore you should really go to a Mc. Donalds or a coffee shop that has WiFi and redownload the update from apple. Get a good connection then after you have the .ipsw file. you dont need internet connection. Unless you want a j/b ipod then you should download winpin for vista.
    those are just my 2 cents take it or leave it. just tryin to help

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    The problem is restoring doesnt get rid of all the bugs. I have several ipsw files, some after these problems started, and Im trying to get rid of them, but as previously documented, restores leave files behind. So my problem is that peoples solutions always involve wi-fi to format it, and a I need a usb solution.

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    ok, turn your ipod off like normal

    Then Hold BOTH the power and home button for 10 seconds, this will allow it to enter dfu mode.

    After 10 seconds Release ONLY THE POWER BUTTON. Keep holding on to the home button.

    When you hear the hardware connected noise, and your iPod is under recovery mode, you can restore with no bugs.

    NOTE: Your screen shall have nothing on it to be in DFU. If it does, repeat the steps above.

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    OK, ill try it, thanks

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    OK it worked, thank you. this thread can be closed

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