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Thread: ipod touch and regular ipod?

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    Default ipod touch and regular ipod?
    I'm thinking about getting an ipod touch and I'm just wondering what the differences are between the touch and the regular ipod? Also, I keep hearing the term "jailbreak" in regards to the touch. What does this mean?
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    well the difference between a touch and traditional ipod are:
    1) ipod touch has a touch screen User Interface (UI) which means that you touch the screen to choose what you want to listen to, watch. You can also surf the internet on the touch with a wifi connection.

    2)jailbreak is little complicated if you're not very tech savvy, but basically it means that you're "breaking" out of apple's restrictions of applications and such, giving you more freedom such as adding the many wondrous third party apps that are out there. As well as customizing the UI to any theme you want.
    i'd suggest lurking the site a bit more and researching EVERYTHING before you tried anything that involves jailbreaking and such.

    hope that helps!
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    Jailbreaking is very simple, all you have to do is make sure your iPod has the 1.1.1 firmware as opposed to the 1.1.2 firmware. You can find this if you plug in your ipod and it will come up with information and it will say 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. If you have 1.1.2 you will have to download it from a post on this site, then save it to your desktop for easy access, and open iTunes and click restore while holding down the shift key if you have a pc and the option key if you have a mac. That will bring up a window and select desktop and select the firmware you downloaded. It will then start to restore and you will be done with that part of the process.

    To jailbreak it go to in your safari browser on your ipod and go down to the tab that says app tapp on it, it should be at the very bottom. Then your safari browser will crash and take you back to the homescreen. Your ipod should say on the screen that it is downloading and it should take only a few seconds. Once that is done it will go to the locked screen, then slide to unlock and there will be a new app called installer. Tap it and it will give you a list of apps to download.

    Now your ipod is jailbroken. There is the complete guide.

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    iPod Touch not work if you wear gloves because the screen doesn't receive electric impulse, also doesn't have a mechanical clickwheel... in fact, you can't change a song or the volume if you have your touch in your pocket because you don't have a tactile feedback like with traditional clickwheel.
    Example... where you are in a bus or in metro, you can't change the song if you don't see the screen... this can be not good because you have to take ipod out of your pocket and some people around you can see you have a 300$ ipod hidden and decide to stealth it.
    But works good for me... can't get enough of that wonderful touch!
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    Have fun with yr touch!

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    shouldnt there be a headphone set out that has the buttons needed on it ?

    or is there not one

    because then you can do the all mighty headphone mod:]
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