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Thread: Stuck - Need help getting SMB Themes on Touch (tried and failed)

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    Default Stuck - Need help getting SMB Themes on Touch (tried and failed)
    So I need help getting some Summerboard themes onto my iPod. I've downloaded them all from this website (iPhone | iPod touch forums, news, themes, apps, games, unlock, jailbreak community -, added them to Cyberduck(cause I'm on a Mac). And I already had my iPod plugged into my computer, but it'll add them in Cyberduck, but when I go into SMB Prefs they won't be there. Anyone know why? Any tips to fix?? Help if you can. Thanks

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    Those themes do not belong with Cyberduck (whatever that is). They need to go in the SMB folder. Most themes you can just go into Installer and download and then the themes will be there.

    Or, you can go the long round by Open SSH-ing.

    To do this:
    -1- Download Open SSH (search for it in google or what-have-you) and install it.
    -2- Install BSD Subsystem then SSH on your iPod
    -3- Look at your WiFi settings and your IP, keep that open
    -4- Start up Open SSH and in the first field, type in your iPod's IP (ignore everything else)
    -5- A window will pop up, type in the user name, which is "root" (no quotes), then the password "alpine" (no quotes) (If this is your first time doing this, it will take a bit longer than usual)
    -6- Viola! You can see your iPod files. Go to /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes . Make sure your themes go there, and you should be all set!

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