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Thread: Modify iPhone for iPod touch?

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    Default Modify iPhone for iPod touch?
    hey guys,

    I've already brought this up on the iPod touch fans forum but I'm hoping someone here may be able to have info on this as well. Would it be possible to modify the iPhone's SMS app to work on the iPod touch? I'm fairly certain it can be done but I'm wondering where to start. It would work in the same way you can send and receive texts from the mail app on the touch, but in the modded sms app's UI. Basically the app would have to be modified to work through wifi instead. And instead of the app sending from a phone number it would send from your e-mail. and the texts would be recieved at your e-mail that you're using inside the sms app. The idea being you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from the unmodified sms app on the iPhone. Anybody know how you would go about doing this?

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    have you heard of apollo app? it's AIM instant messaging... and it can send SMS.

    It should fit the bill, until a 'touch hacker' writes your dream app. If you are that hacker, look into their api... it's open!

    COOL... you need to play with the API from one of the BIG sms gateways. without that you would need a server to get your txt into the SMS network. And Apollo may be the best bet!

    good luck!
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    thanks jakecigar, and yes I have heard of Apollo and I know about using an IM client to text on the touch. But i know alot of iPod touch owners, me included, would love to be able to use the iphone's SMS app on the iPod touch. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it would take to mod the to do this?

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    You can just use It pretty does what you need it to. Just bookmark it in safari to use it quick.

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    ah thank you jakecigar i understand what you meant about apollo now great didn't think about that thanks for the info!

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    how do you send it via apollo, I can only IM my buddies? Do you have to add the SMS # to your buddy list first?


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